Thursday 21/11/2019

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Case Studies
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Following a safety review, Tennants Fine Chemicals Ltd (TFC) has invested in a programme of continuous improvements at the company’s Staffordshire plant to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) audit findings.
With a competent team comes an efficient process and a good health and safety record, so achieving maximum benefit from safe and efficient plant operation is high on the agenda at Severn Trent’s Minworth site. As part of the site’s ongoing commitment to refine the use of renewable resources and technology, Severn Trent looked to introduce a management system and training requirements for the team of onsite engineers operating a newly installed steam system.
04/09/2019 - Rockwell Automation drive technology mitigates harmonics and reduces energy consumption by 20% in high-RPM pharmaceutical blending application
Working for Iscador AG, the Invag AG was tasked with developing a drive solution for a high-speed centrifuge. These devices can only be found in two places worldwide: First, as part of an experimental research facility and second, for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. In this instance, the entire component range, from the water-cooled motor, right up to the bearings, represented a special design for the production of the anthroposophic mistletoe drug, ISCADOR.
03/09/2019 - Make Short Production Runs More Efficient with Motion Systems from Rockwell Automation
Manufacturers are customising products to meet more targeted consumer demands. As a result, they must contend with shorter production runs and more frequent changeovers, which takes time away from producing products. The MagneMover LITE system is helping make these higher-SKU operations efficient by moving payloads faster in a more flexible way than traditional conveyors do today.
02/09/2019 - Automated weed screen cleaner proves its worth within weeks of installation
A new Landustrie weed screen cleaner installed by ECS Engineering Services at the Short Ferry pumping station on the River Witham has ensured continuity of water supply to the Toft Newton Reservoir 10 miles (15km) away in Lincolnshire.
02/09/2019 - Cruise passengers stay cool with high tech HVAC control systems
Modern cruise ships are promoted as the epitome of comfort and luxury; allowing passengers to adjust cabin temperatures to their liking is an essential part of the experience. With such a large number of rooms the HVAC control systems need to balance easy, responsive individual adjustment for hundreds of cabins with the main ship’s systems. Step forward Progea’s robust Movicon SCADA system, available in the UK and Ireland from Products4Automation (P4A).
28/08/2019 - Automate for accident reduction
Could Britain afford to lose 31.2 million working days? According to The Labour Force Survey, this figure illustrates the volume of unplanned worker absence due to non-fatal workplace injuries. In fact, the number of non-fatal workplace injuries in the UK reached 609,000 in 2017 — with cuts and lacerations among the most common causes. Industry leader in apparel distribution, Ralawise believes automation could be the solution and turned to TM Robotics for help.
Gubba Cold Storage has invested in FLIR thermal imaging to prevent any insulation failures or electrical faults compromising temperature regulation and uniformity or increasing energy consumption.
28/08/2019 - Food waste management gets greener
A new anaerobic digestion and depackaging plant will process 70,000 tonnes of food waste collected from restaurants, food manufacturers and processors in the North East, significantly reducing miles travelled by the region’s waste. The plant will generate 600m3/hr of green gas to be injected into the national grid, enough to heat 1,950 homes. 
27/08/2019 - Award-winning screw blowers installed at Charles Brand wastewater facility
Gardner Denver distributor Team Air Power has delivered a bespoke compressed air solution that is predicted to generate approximately 30 per cent in annual savings for the Kinnegar wastewater treatment plant operated by Charles Brand, a leading provider of tailored water and wastewater solutions.
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