Saturday 16/12/2017

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Case Studies
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13/12/2017 - Brillopak transforms retailer’s apple packing process
Experts in end of line automation for fresh food produce, Brillopak, has used their destacking technology to save costs and improve apple packing efficiency for one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK.
13/12/2017 - JP Concrete complete six new Cake Pads for Anglian Water
Designed for the short-term storage of treated sludge, JP Concrete has completed six robust new Cake Pads for Anglian Water, the first company to achieve 100% compliance under the Biosolids Assurance Scheme.
13/12/2017 - Latvia for Landia as new slurry mixers reduce energy and maintenance costs
Four new submersible propeller mixers made by Landia, are now successfully mixing a 20,000m3 slurry lagoon at a major dairy farm in western Latvia.
13/12/2017 - Huco Dynatork Flex P Couplings for Rotary Encoders
Italsensor, a leading manufacturer of incremental and absolute rotary encoders based near Turin, Italy, required world-class precision couplings for its wide range of angular and rotary encoders (both optical and magnetic).
12/12/2017 - Precision Prisms Supplied for Habitable Planet Research
Optical Surfaces Ltd. reports first solar light results has been achieved by the SPIRou spectrograph* which is installed at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). Chosen as a key supplier for this prestigious project - Optical Surfaces Ltd fabricated and delivered several key optical components of the SPIRou spectrograph, namely the twin ZnSe prisms and the Infrasil prism making the SPIRou triple-prism-train cross-disperser. 
11/12/2017 - How AUMA actuators helped protect groundwater on Swedish railways
AUMA electric actuators are helping to cut the risk of water pollution at Hallsberg junction, the largest railway yard in Scandinavia, by automating three underground sluice gates. The installation would have been difficult or impossible without AUMA’s modular actuator strategy. AUMA supplied three SA 10.2 multi-turn actuators with GST 10.1 spur gearboxes and AC 01.2 controls with Modbus interfaces to Trafikverket, the Swedish transport authority.
07/12/2017 - Monitoring Oil Flow to Critical Bearings in Heavy Machinery
Titan Enterprises reports how it developed an adapted version of its OG5 flowmeter for a leading supplier of mobile rock crushers to monitor oil flow to the rotating cylinder bearing mechanism at the heart of their system.
06/12/2017 - Proto Labs: Making robots really useful
A revolutionary type of robotic hand—marketed as the Shadow Dexterous Hand—is transforming the way many sectors use robots. Development of the ‘hand’ required precision parts for the fingers and fingertips, with services from digital manufacturer Proto Labs to help perfect them.
06/12/2017 - Installation of motorized VERLINDE EUROSTYLE VFM jib crane and grab transforms recycling process for manufacture of corrugated board at SICAL paper mill.
Paper and board manufacturer, SICAL, specialized in the production of corrugated board derived from diverse recycled materials collected from used paper recovery networks. Material for processing is delivered in the form of heterogeneous bales that have to be opened and depolluted - meaning that the diverse non-recyclable materials such as plastic or metal they contain must be extracted. The main challenge for the transformation of SICAL's production process was focused on its capacity to reprocess heavily pollluted waste, particularly category 3 waste (recyclable household packaging) while ensuring operator safety. The installation of a Verlinde jib crane fitted with an electric hoist and grab was found to be the solution to this challenge.
05/12/2017 - Professional Media Opt for High Definition Thermal Cameras
FLIR Systems has created a powerful visual gallery of media clips illustrating how a growing number of professional media outlets are using FLIR High Definition thermal imaging cameras for shooting TV commercials, feature stories and music videos.
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