Tuesday 27/6/2017

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Case Studies
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26/06/2017 - ADZ SMD series differential pressure transmitter for very long railway train braking applications
ADZ NAGANO GmbH develops and manufactures pressure sensors and transmitters that meet the highest industrial requirements for standard and specialist applications ranging from mobile machinery to aerospace equipment. Represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor, ADZ is especially active in technologically
demanding projects such as the following railway braking application that call upon its considerable expertise to solve unusually challenging tasks.
26/06/2017 - Helicopter-based electricity pylon delivery relies on wireless load sensing
Demonstrating that the electricity supply infrastructure can be developed more quickly and cost-effectively, Heli-Lift Services has pioneered the use of helicopters to remove and deliver poles and pylons in remote locations. An enabling technology in this enterprise is an innovative load sensing and monitoring technology from Sensor Technology.
26/06/2017 - Truck rental firm boosts compressor performance with BOGE
By replacing its existing compressor with a state-of-the-art BOGE C 15 DR model, a truck rental and fleet management company in Greater Manchester is saving money, effort and energy.
26/06/2017 - KOLLMORGEN, Anything but trivial: filling milk powder into cans
Scaled technology and functioning interfaces are essential for Swiss Can Machinery I Hygienic drives from KOLLMORGEN1. A solution for different applications and industries: the filling and packaging systems at Swiss Can Machinery AG shows how this objective can be achieved. The Swiss company turns to stainless steel motors for the actuators, for example when these systems are used for pharmaceutical products
20/06/2017 - Modular Rotork CK actuators introduce reliable and economical automation at hydroelectric facility
Rotork CK Range modular electric valve actuators have provided a reliable and economical automated flow control solution for a hydroelectric generating station in Mexico. The actuators have been installed at the Alameda Hidroeléctrica Planta to control the flow of water to turbines generating up to 6 MW of electricity.
20/06/2017 - DesignSpark Mechanical 3D modelling tool from RS Components used in development of groundbreaking Daedalus jet-engine flight suit
RS Components, the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, the global distributor for engineers, announces that its DesignSpark Mechanical 3D modelling software tool was used in the development of the ‘Daedalus’ jet-engine flight suit, which was demonstrated at a recent TED conference in Vancouver and reported via many news organisations as the real-life ‘Iron Man’.
19/06/2017 - Adaptsys device programming system boosts productivity and flexibility for Action Circuits (UK) Limited
An advanced automated programming system supplied by Adaptsys is boosting productivity and enhancing the flexibility of the device programming service offered by Action Circuits, one of the largest European providers of electronic device programming and reeling services. The BPM 3900 Universal Automated Programming System is the first of its type to be installed in Europe, and combines a programming speed of 100 Mbyte/s with the largest memory support in the industry: 256 Gbyte.
19/06/2017 - Advanced control and safety technology improves tower crane performance
Efforts to maximize the performance, speed and safety of the next generation of luffing jib tower cranes has resulted in the development of specific programmable logic controller (PLC) features, along with the supply of variable speed drives with FSO safety modules from ABB.
19/06/2017 - NSK bearings save €19,200 per annum at biogas plant
The use of NSK's advanced Molded-Oil deep groove ball bearings in the rotary screen of a biogas plant has seen service life more than double, a fact that is helping to save €19,200 per annum. Molded-Oil bearings feature lubricant that is embedded in a polyolefin resin, thus preventing the penetration of liquid and particle contaminants to permit extended periods of maintenance-free running
14/06/2017 - New robot lends precision and reliability to the production of hearing aids
Hearing aid device manufacturer Oticon required a more flexible robot to handle the tiny hearing device components in its production. The company had been using robot technology for the past 10 years. But, as the minute components became increasingly smaller in order to make the hearing aids more comfortable, the existing two- and three-axes robots used in manufacturing were no longer suitable. They could not perform the required lateral and vertical movements sufficiently. If for instance a small part is stuck in a mould, the robot should be dexterous enough to tip it out.
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