Friday 29/5/2020

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Product Focus
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03/12/2013 - Intelligent surge protection for data interfaces
The new Plugtrab PT-IQ-5-HF surge protection device introduce intelligent arresters for data interfaces. The switching options are characterized by the safe transmission of higher data rates and are therefore suitable for the protection of bus systems such as Profibus, RS 485, RS 422, Interbus, Canbus, or Modbus.
03/12/2013 - SKF Laser Vibrometer offers non-contact vibration measurement
The non-contact vibration sensor offers new monitoring options to engineers in a wide range of applications, such as fans, electric motors, pumps and household appliances.
03/12/2013 - Evaluation kit for 3-phase brushless DC motor driver IC
Now available from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a new product evaluation kit for helping customers during the design process for the company’s A4915 3-phase MOSFET controller IC.
02/12/2013 - Flexible, lightweight, precise climate control from Rittal
Rittal’s thermostatic electric cooler offers flexible and lightweight cooling for a heating solution that offers precise climate control.

Ideal for accurately controlling the temperature to ±1 K in small enclosures providing 100 W of both heating and cooling.
02/12/2013 - Retex UK releases new IP68 diecast enclosures
Retex UK, a leading manufacturer of enclosures for electronic equipment, has released its latest product in the form of the Series 68 range, a high impact, diecast enclosure which features IP68 rated protection.
02/12/2013 - New VXP linear position sensor has extended environmental specification and a thoroughly proven design for demanding industrial measurement
Variohm EuroSensor has introduced a new potentiometric linear position sensor featuring IP67 sealing, improved reliability and increased operational temperature capability.
02/12/2013 - Banner Extends SureCross® Wireless Q45 Sensor Family with Self-Contained Push Button Model for Direct Operator Communication
Banner introduces the SureCross® Wireless Q45 push button with confirmation light, the latest addition to the company’s industry-recognized line of wireless sensors. The Q45 push button models bidirectional communication permits operators to send a digital signal with the push of a button and receive confirmation the signal has been received.
02/12/2013 - Torque Wrench-Set for M8x1 and M12x1 round connectors
Connectors will only achieve the tightness guaranteed by the manufacturer if they are tightened with the respectively given torque. A relevant torque wrench as well as a high repeatability is indispensable for accurate and effective operations.
02/12/2013 - Banner EZ-LIGHT® K30 Touch Provides Compact, Single-Point Operation for Machine Activation and Pick-to-Light Applications
Banner introduces the EZ-LIGHT® K30 Touch, a smaller version of the company’s industry-recognized K50 Touch. Featuring a compact, rugged design, this single-point device is designed for efficient machine activation and pick-to-light operations.
02/12/2013 - SJ Series
Keyences’ highly comprehensive range of static eliminators offers significant benefits. Featuring a differential method that eliminates the need for adjustments, they produce oppositely charged ions and create a high-precision ion balance.
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