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Advantech Unveils its Next Generation WebAccess/DMP Advanced Enterprise-Grade Platform Solution

30 June 2020

Addressing the growing demands for additional functionality in enterprise-grade platform software, Advantech (stock code: 2395), a global leader in Industrial IoT, released today the second generation of its WebAccess/DMP. A significant upgrade on the first generation, Advantech WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 is a cloud based software platform, accessible from any standard web browser, for networking management (NMS) and device management and provisioning (DMP).

An advanced Enterprise-Grade platform solution for provisioning, monitoring, managing, and configuring Advantech’s routers and IoT gateways, WebAccess/DMP Gen 2 also provides a zero-touch enablement platform for each remote device. With WebAccess/DMP Gen 2, secure zero-touch pre-provisioning and pre-configuration is simple – regardless of how large your deployment is. The platform supports full multi-tenancy, with the possibility of permissions-enabled power-user oversight across tenancies.

When it comes to advanced application spaces like smart facilities and municipalities, efficient and secure traffic management is a key contributor to enabling truly accessible environments. Efficient traffic management starts with effective monitoring of traffic flows, with live-stream video feeds, where possible, and the control of timing and sequencing of traffic lights, for example, to optimise flows at busy times. A secure, accessible, reliable platform like WebAccess/DMP can be a key enabling technology in such cases.

“Our complete remote provisioning and management solutions, using industrial-grade cellular routers and the WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 platform, provides industry best-practice security, high efficiency and proven reliability, cost effectively, across a variety of environments and applications” explained Paul Conway, Head of Engineering (EMEA) at Advantech.

Features of WebAccess/DMP Gen 2 include:

- Device management and provisioning
- Remote application management and delivery
- “No-Touch” provisioning for mass deployments
- Remote device status monitoring
- Remote device configuration
- Multi-Tenancy options
- Google Maps and GPS location integration
- Cross-browser, cross-platform based on HTML5
- An On-Premises option

Advantech WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) provided via an HTML5 front-end, supporting all major browsers. Other features include a fully-functional device-management API which enables scripted and programmatic discovery, configuration, and status monitoring of remote devices. The Playbooks feature enables no-touch configuration and mass deployment of field devices, and is both UI and API enabled. The On-Premises Edition enables a fully on-premises deployment, enabling local and secure multi-tenancy operation for device provisioning.

Advantech’s WebAccess/DMP was designed with advanced functionality from the beginning, with features like a full featured, fully secured API model, real-time Edge Intelligence upload and delivery, and unlimited company hierarchy. Users can exist in multiple companies, with authorisation on a per-user, per-company basis. AssureSync(TM) Configuration Management and the AssureAuth(TM) Security stack, which includes a full and customisable PKI, enables granular user authorization, on a per-company and per-feature basis, and not just simple role-based user authorization.

For more information, please contact:

Advantech Europe BV
Tel:  +31 40 2677084
Fax:  +31 40 2677001
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