Saturday 4/4/2020

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RS Components introduces AC drive from Omron for industrial automation applications

24 February 2020

New series of robust, space-saving and energy efficient drives designed for maintenance-free long-term operation

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, a global multi-channel provider of industrial and electronic products and solutions, has introduced the Q2V series of compact inverter AC drives from Omron, a world leader in industrial automation and maker of sensing and control products. Typical market sectors expected to benefit from its use include food and beverage and packaging, along with many industrial motor-control applications in general.

The new Q2V drive controls the frequency of power supplied to AC motors that control the rotational speed and acceleration of pumps, fans and various other industrial machines. The series offers high flexibility and energy-efficient motor control for almost any type of motor, including induction, permanent magnet and synchronous-reluctance types.

In addition, the drive is protected from dust and humidity and is designed for 10 years of operation in temperatures up to 50°C without maintenance. Furthermore, the compactness of the drive also helps to reduce cabinet size by enabling side-by-side mounting without performance derating.

Another key feature is easy installation – for example, all inputs and outputs come with screwless terminals for safe wiring setup, and the hardware is simplified with the use of a built-in EMC filter, a safety-torque-off (STO) function, and a braking transistor. In addition, an intelligent mobile-app set-up guide is available to help users establish the appropriate parameter settings for the target application.

The Q2V series handles heavy duty and normal duty options, enabling the same inverter to drive motors with different ratings depending on the load. The drive also integrates special motor-control methods to drive motors in the most efficient way. For example, Omron’s advanced motor-control algorithms can increase efficiency by up to 6% for asynchronous motors and up to 2% for permanent magnet motors. Also available are dedicated energy-saving functions for variable or reduced torque loads, which automatically optimise energy savings.

Power ratings types include: 200V single-phase for 0.1 to 4kW; and 400V three-phase for 0.37 to 30kW. Other features of the series include a 24V DC power supply input for the control board and an optional graphical LCD with SD card for event trace recording.

The Omron Q2V AC drive series is shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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