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WDS quick release pins now available with D-ring

21 August 2019

WDS Component Parts Ltd. has made an addition to its already-wide range of quick release locating pins, a stainless steel pull knob pin with D-ring.

Pins and dowels are amongst the most commonly used engineering parts, typically holding and positioning larger components relative to one another in manufacturing, assembly and other engineering operations. Quick release pins have a pull knob at the top that is easily gripped to aid insertion and removal from their locating hole.

All WDS pins are precision made to fine tolerances so that they hold components accurately in place. On the new pin, the D-ring is pivot-mounted on the knob rather than the shaft of the pin and allows a tag or label to be attached to the pin. Alternatively, the ring can be used to attach the pin to a lanyard.

To provide the quick release function the new pins have a sprung push button at the top which retract lugs on the shaft that hold the pin in place during use. They are available in a number of sizes, with diameters of 6mm to 12mm and gripping shaft length from 10mm to 100mm. The knob is 12mm to 20mm diameter and is 21mm to 31mm long, ideal sizes for exerting a finger grip. The D-rings come with a choice of diameters, 27mm or 29mm.

The D-ring pins are made of stainless steel, so are suitable for use in applications where there is a corrosive environment, frequent washdowns or where hygiene is a requirement. As such they are expected to prove popular with users in the food and pharmaceuticals industries, medical equipment, offshore and riverside, for water treatment and distribution. Additionally, they are suitable for all outdoor equipment and have an aesthetic appeal that may attract manufacturers of consumer goods.

These new pins underline WDS’s status as the go-to supplier for almost all standard engineering parts. All WDS components are manufactured to high standards and in compliance with all appropriate international engineering standards.

They are available from WDS by overnight dispatch and can be ordered by telephone (0845 606 6677) or from the company’s website (, where fully technical details, 2D and 3D CAD files are downloadable and the full range of WDS products can be seen. The company also runs technical help lines, where technicians and engineers are able to advise and assist with pin selection.

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Gray
WDS Component Parts Limited
Richardshaw Road
Grangefield Industrial Estate
Pudsey Leeds
LS28 6LE 
Tel:  +44 (0)113 2909852
Fax:  +44 (0)845 601 1173
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