Thursday 21/11/2019

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Siltbuster Improves Site Resilience for Dynatec Systems

8 July 2019

Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS) has designed, manufactured and installed a new DAF unit for Dynatec Systems, to use when treating wastewater at one of the UK’s leading automotive factories. The DAF unit was introduced to treat the suspended solids in the wastewater, ensuring that the site improved its resilience and overall plant performance, and to help meet tighter consent compliance.

The car plant produces wastewater at rate of up to 50m³/hr. This contains free floating oil and suspended solids, that need to be treated before the water can be discharged to sewer. In order to remain compliant and to future proof the operation, the existing treatment plant needed to be revamped. This included refurbishing an old DAF unit and introducing a Siltbuster D50 DAF into the treatment process. The renovated unit removes the ‘coarse’ free floating oil and some of the suspended solids. The wastewater is then chemically conditioned with flocculant, before being put through the new D50 to further reduce the suspended solids.

The new Siltbuster D50 DAF had to be positioned within the existing treatment plant, this meant craning it in over a warehouse. Thanks to Siltbuster manufacturing all its equipment offsite, the crane movements could be kept to a minimum, and the unit could be tested prior to dispatch. This reduced time on site and left Dynatec Systems comfortable in the knowledge that the equipment was already working effectively before it had even arrived.

In addition, the new DAF was fabricated in such a way that all the steelwork could easily link to the existing walkway at the plant, providing safe and easy access for the operator. The SPS DAF houses a new whitewater system – here atmospheric air is dissolved under pressure and then released, creating micro-fine air bubbles which attach themselves to the solids, and rise to the surface, enabling the solids to be easily separated from the water.

Both the new and existing DAF units have automated settled sludge valves on individual timers. The standard D50 control panel was modified so that the pump for the existing DAF as well as the two valves are operated from the new DAF panel, making access and control on site more efficient.

Rich Matthews, General Manager at Siltbuster Process Solutions, said: “There was very limited space for us to work on site and quite restricted access, which meant that our offsite manufacturing approach came to the fore. By fabricating and testing the new DAF at our Monmouth facility, it saved precious time and space on site, and it meant that our unit was working effectively as soon as it was connected. Because of our unique way of working, these site resilience projects are ideally suited to our skillset and was part of the reason Dynatec Systems selected us.”

Tom Doherty, CEO at Dynatec Systems, agrees and concludes: “We chose SPS for their unique project-based approach. Their experts worked closely with us to understand the specific requirements we needed in order to help us refurbish our plant and they did everything we wanted and more, with minimal disruption. Siltbuster also provide us with continued support and service through their team of regional UK engineers.”

For more information, please contact:

Siltbuster Ltd
Williams Building
Kingswood Gate
NP25 4EE
Tel:  01600 772256
Fax:  01600 775312
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