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Optimal highlights the advantages of PAT for biopharmaceuticals at the Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2018

13 September 2018

At Proventa International’s Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2018, Optimal Industrial Technologies will present how process analytical technology (PAT) knowledge management platforms such as synTQ, are benefitting biopharmaceutical processes worldwide. Controlling quality in real-time is reducing costs, delivering high-quality products and enabling the shift towards continuous manufacture.

Proventa International’s Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe provides a forum for business leaders to explore pressing topics and discuss the latest trends and emerging technologies in the biologics sector. Key themes for the 2018 event will include downstream and upstream, single-use technologies, quality management systems (QMS) and PAT. This last focus area will be discussed by Optimal, a world leader in PAT Data Knowledge Management and co-host / sponsor of the event.

Dr. Hubertus Rehbaum, Technology Consultant and PAT Specialist for Optimal, will lead the executive roundtable discussion on “Data Management for Continuous Acquisition of Process Performance Data and Critical Quality Attributes: Implementing Holistic Batch Analysis and Reporting from the Beginning to the End of the Batch.”

The roundtable will cover how data historians and PAT management systems allow the structured acquisition of process and product data along the entire processing line. This includes raw material identification, fermentation or other upstream processes, as well as separation, concentration and refining steps from downstream processing. During the session, real-life examples and experiences in using the data collected to perform and obtain advanced analytics insights and comprehensive reports will be discussed.

Optimal’s PAT software, synTQ, enables process operators to monitor product quality attributes continuously in real-time and non-invasively from the research and development phase, through to full production of pharmaceuticals. By analysing live process data and using multivariate data models for comparison, the system can automatically adjust process parameters to improve the final output.

In this way, industries can increase the efficiency of their production lines, slashing development and manufacturing times as well as costs. Furthermore, the adoption of PAT empowers manufacturers to shift from traditional batch processing towards continuous production. Thanks to these features, synTQ is being utilised by over half of the major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Dr. Rehbaum commented: “As the biologics industry continues to grow, continuous processing and PAT will become key industrial standards. By using synTQ, biopharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from a proven and widely adopted PAT knowledge management platform that can boost production efficiency and product quality. We encourage anyone who is interested in adopting PAT to talk to us during the event, to discuss how to adopt this potentially revolutionary technology.”

For more information, please contact:

Martin Gadsby
Optimal Industrial Technologies
Goodrich Close
Westerleigh Business Park
BS37 5YT
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 (0) 1454 333 222
Fax:  +44 (0) 1454 322 240 
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