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Precise, Reliable and Compact Chemical Injection, Process and Metering Pump Packages

13 June 2018

Through its Bran+Luebbe® brand, SPX FLOW offers vast experience in the supply of pump packages; ranging from simple, single pump skids to sophisticated multi-pump, multi-tier storage and injection packages. Using innovative metering and process pump designs, solutions are designed for compact installation and to meet the most demanding of application requirements.

A wide variety of metering and process pump design configurations are available with standard plunger pumps and leak free double diaphragm models. All are designed to meet our high quality accuracy standards and optimize the flow of expensive chemicals while ensuring quality is maintained with correct dosages used. Complete bespoke skids incorporate all necessary equipment including storage tanks, interconnecting pipework, valves and instrumentation; all expertly designed in 3D, manufactured, tested and certified to required specifications to provide reliable and effective operation.

Where space is a premium, innovative pump designs reduce the weight and footprint of package installations while maintaining accuracy and reliability. Ideal for offshore platforms and FPSOs, such pumps include the NOVAPLEX® Vector and NOVADOS® pumps. The NOVAPLEX Vector diaphragm process pump uses a clever, three-dimensional pump arrangement to reduce size. The NOVADOS double-acting diaphragm pump provides the equivalent capacity of equivalent duplex pumps but with a much smaller footprint, reduced weight and, typically, lower initial capital cost. Both technologies are based on proven, reliable and leak free Bran+Luebbe double diaphragm pump head technology, with flexible options and the ability to combine gear sizes to meet a wide range of applications.

Whether a single pump or complex pump package, SPX FLOW has incredible experience in meeting the needs of applications such as high pressure injection, dosing, fluid transfer, re-circulation and blending. Its proven ability to meet diverse requirements is supported by innovative pump designs, advanced engineering, precise manufacturing capability and comprehensive test facilities.

Professional project managers and experienced engineers provide optimum design for even the most demanding of specifications, smooth running projects and on time delivery. With a truly global support network, pumps are further supported throughout their lifetime with a comprehensive range of service packages that can be tailored to match customer and process needs.
With in-depth experience and understanding of applications and an ongoing commitment to research and development, Bran+Luebbe series pumping solutions are designed to meet the modern challenges of industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power generation and water treatment. They are supported by professional engineering services from initial package design through to lifetime support and offer precision, reliability and remarkable performance, making SPX FLOW a partner of choice for complex pumping applications.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Anne Johnson
Marketing Manager – EMEA/APAC
Tel:  +44 (0)1604 889921
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