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13 June 2018

• Honeywell SafetySuite Device Manager simplifies management of fleets of Honeywell BW Technologies and RAE Systems detectors across multiple sites

• Streamlines device management with automated configuration, testing, firmware updates, scheduling

• Improves compliance with automatic reports on tests, safety events, incident investigations

Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a global leader in connected worker solutions, has announced a new feature of its cloud-based SafetySuite software platform that makes it easier to manage fleets of Honeywell portable gas detectors, helping to reduce paperwork, increase productivity and improve safety.

A global leader in gas detection technology, Honeywell has a broad range of sensing technologies developed to protect workers and operations from toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gas hazards. Honeywell gas detectors are used in thousands of commercial buildings, industrial plants, chemical refineries, laboratories, manufacturing plants, power plants, and drilling sites around the world.

The new Honeywell SafetySuite Device Manager software simplifies managing fleets of Honeywell’s leading portfolio of connected gas detectors across multiple sites. When Honeywell BW Technologies and Honeywell RAE Systems devices are docked, the software automates configuration and testing of all the devices, and implements firmware updates. It also creates a central repository of data for multi-site management of the detectors, and generates reports on device tests, safety events and incident investigations.

“Connected technology reduces administrative burdens to help companies make their workplaces safer and more productive,” said Tarun Kumar, product marketing manager for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. “Honeywell SafetySuite Device Manager simplifies the management of fleets of Honeywell portable gas detectors across multiple locations. The software reduces paperwork, simplifies compliance reporting and helps maximise uptime so managers can focus on keeping their employees safe.”

Honeywell SafetySuite Device Manager features an intuitive user interface and a dashboard feature that quickly identifies areas of concern for safety managers across their organisations. The software manages a broad selection of both Honeywell BW and Honeywell RAE Systems devices on a common application.

It supports key maintenance tasks for gas detectors, including firmware updates and bump tests, and provides centralised monitoring of devices across an organisation with a consolidated view of alarms, faults and device issues for simplified reporting. The system also shows if an instrument failed a test or is overdue for a test.

SafetySuite Device Manager currently supports Honeywell BW Clip, GasAlertMicroClip devices using IntelliDoX and MicroDock II; and Honeywell RAE Systems’ MultiRAE, MicroRAE, ToxiRAE and QRAE 3 devices on the AutoRAE 2 cradle system.

Key features of Honeywell SafetySuite Device Manager:

• Supports both Honeywell BW and Honeywell RAE Systems detectors.

• 24X7 access anytime, anywhere from a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

• Works seamlessly across geographically dispersed locations, with multiple gateways per site and multiple instruments per gateway.

• Powered by Honeywell Sentience, Honeywell’s secure and standards-based Internet of Things (IoT) software platform that supports connected technologies.

• Secure data transmission and centralised data, with redundant storage and role-based access.

• Requires minimal IT support and system administration, and no individual installs or manual software updates.

Additional Honeywell devices will be compatible with SafetySuite Device Manager soon, including GasAlertMaxXT II, GasAlert Micro 5, GasAlertQuattro and BW Clip 4. Future enhancements to the software will enable it to schedule equipment tests, and automatically generate reports on device tests, safety events and incident investigations. Users will also be able to customise alarm notifications.

For more information, please contact:

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions
Life Safety Distribution GmbH
Javastrasse 2
8604 Hegnau
Tel: +800 333 222 44
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