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18 January 2013

Leading pneumatics provider SMC is proud of its reputation for delivering quality products that meet the needs of its customers and deliver improved performance and cost savings. The company’s commitment to innovation and R&D, together with its ability to listen to its customers, has been recognised by leading business magazine, Forbes which crowned SMC as one of the world’s most innovative companies for the second year running.

Commenting on SMC’s commitment to quality, Head of Sales Nick Pittwood said, “Quality is at the heart of our customer proposition. With over 50 years’ experience in pneumatics and automation, we have been able to research and learn from our customers to develop a comprehensive range of products that fit their applications, are extremely reliable and cost-effective, and ultimately deliver excellent results. But this quality doesn’t have to come at a price; we know our customers well and appreciate that they are under increasing pressure to save costs. Our products do just that without sacrificing quality.”

There is no doubt that choosing high-quality products will have a positive impact on productivity and reducing operating costs, perfectly demonstrated with three classic SMC pneumatics products ranges: cylinders, valves and regulators. 

SMC’s range of cylinders provides excellent results, longevity and enhanced performance at a competitive price. Thanks to the internal design of the cylinders, they guarantee low friction that allows a very low minimum working pressure. The tie-rod construction delivers a higher concentric accuracy and smoother operation.

This construction has been adopted in the ISO15552 profile body cylinder, CP96 series, which is unlike other ISO cylinders that simply bolt cylinder covers to the profile. All of these benefits lead to a high-quality but cost-effective product that enhances productivity and offers a longer operating life.

SMC’s valves include high-performance, low energy consumption coils that extend their lifetime and generate energy savings. The optimised design provides outstanding flow, creating space savings and driving down costs. Thanks to SMC’s investment in R&D, the company also offers metal seal type valves, unique to the market, which further extends the lifetime of the valve and guarantees less leakage for specific applications that require high cycle frequency. A perfect example of this is the new SY series which was launched to the market recently.

Another example of quality products that have helped customers to save time and money are SMC’s pressure regulators, which are designed to minimise pressure drops, saving air and energy. A new AR series of regulators will soon be launched to the market which has been designed to exceed existing conditions. All of this, coupled with SMC’s one-touch fittings and tubing, deliver airtight connections that make it easy to insert and extract tubing, all of which add up to clear benefits for customers.

Nick Pittwood added: “At SMC, we firmly believe that using quality products will translate into future costs savings, energy reduction and enhanced performance. We’ve used this belief and our knowledge of the market, and have listened to our customers to develop a range of pneumatic and automotive products that lead the way in quality.”

From its original pneumatics roots 53 years ago, SMC now has a team of 1,400 R&D engineers and is recognised as the global technology leader in the pneumatics industry. The company offers more than 11,000 basic products with over 620,000 variations and has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about SMC and its quality products visit their website at are not responsible for the content of submitted or externally produced articles and images.
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