Wednesday 22/11/2017

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Mark as Classified – Lakeside solution reduces maintenance in DC
At the largest treatment plant of its kind in the world, it’s no surprise perhaps that they use some of the biggest grit classifiers available, with the final two of 16 newly installed units now commencing operation. For this important yet simple technology, DC Water set the bar extremely high to ensure that its new grit classifiers would work reliably and effectively for many years to come at the 150-acre Blue Plains site.
Torque transducers on test rig help test advanced electric and hybrid powertrains
Wireless rotary torque transducers from Sensor Technology Ltd are at the heart of a test rig to develop next generation technologies for electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains. With unique expertise in the electric motors and electronics used across the key powertrain technologies, AVID Technology relies on the innovative torque transducers as part of an automated approach to motor characterisation.
Automatic self-cleaning electrostatic precipitator system reduces costs and beats emissions standards for Polyflor
Looking to minimise the TCO on a replacement electrostatic precipitator (ESP) system, flooring manufacturer Polyflor has chosen an innovative new design from ThermTech. Judged to be the most cost-effective option to remove plastisol emissions from flue gases, the new ESP unit incorporates a revolutionary cleaning system that effectively eliminates down-time for maintenance.
Experience, tradition and passion
Experience, tradition and passion – these values ensure the five-star quality at the five-brother company Bühler Bedachungen und Bauspenglerei from Romanshorn in Switzerland, a business specializing in roofing and architectural sheet metal. Quality is the top priority for the family business – particularly when it comes to selecting its partners and suppliers. Among these is the Swiss company Jorns AG, which supplied the new double bending machine, model TP-150G-RH-UV-SL-1250 CP200-6.4-mp, including safety concept for the architectural sheet metal area as well as the manufacturer for optical sensors, which ensures the corresponding safety at work for man and machine, Leuze electronic.
Editor's Comment
Military can bridge skills shortage
In the UK, there is currently a shortfall of 20,000 engineers each year. Brexit is expected to see this figure increase and, to avoid hindering Britain’s industrial growth plans, the Government has pledged an investment of £500 million pounds into further education. Here, Matt Collins, business development manager at power distribution specialist ide Systems, explains how businesses can address the skills shortage.
The editor
  • Precision Etalons Enable High Resolution, High Contrast Spectroscopy
  • Lenze celebrates being a driving force in industry for 70 years
  • NEW REPORT: UK’s failure to integrate engineering in curriculum threatens country's economy and productivity.
  • New Scalable Analytics Platform for Industrial IoT Applications
  • FLIR Systems publishes technical note on the advantages that thermal cameras offer for solar panel evaluation
  • British Safety Council opens office in India to help save lives

  • 20/11/2017
  • Wire up fast and win a track day with Hylec’s latest products at Electrical Design & Install Expo 2017
  • RS Components supports innovative start-up to help bring bionic limb technology to babies and toddlers
  • Pacepacker heading to EEF nationals

  • Rapid prototyping with CNC machining and injection moulding
  • Positioning with Maximum Reliability Large Reading Window and Codes Enhance Performance of 2-D System
  • Device circuit breakers with IO-Link technology

  • 20/11/2017
  • Comprehensive Pressure Transmitter Portfolio from West Control Solutions has Scope to Attend to Most Demanding OEM Requirements
  • Optimised Vent Filter for Fermentation Applications
  • Combating condensation in enclosure installations
  • HARTING expands Han-Eco® connector series with new hoods for higher cable cross-sections
  • Altra Industrial Motion brands bring precision power transmission solutions to SPS 2017
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