Sunday 5/7/2020

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Drives & Controls Online Database - Sensors

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Control - Sensors & Systems
Sensors - Airflow
Sensors - Analytical
Sensors - Capacitive Gap
Sensors - Clear Object
Sensors - Colour
Sensors - Conductivity
Sensors - Contrast
Sensors - Differential Pressure
Sensors - Dissolved Oxygen
Sensors - Distance
Sensors - Distance Measurement
Sensors - Electromagnetic
Sensors - Ex Photo Electric
Sensors - Fibre Optic
Sensors - Flame
Sensors - Flow
Sensors - Force
Sensors - Fork
Sensors - Gap
Sensors - Gas
Sensors - Hazardous Areas
Sensors - Inductance
Sensors - Inertia
Sensors - Laser
Sensors - Level
Sensors - Load
Sensors - LVDT Displacement
Sensors - Magnetic Position
Sensors - Moisture
Sensors - Motion/Speed/Encoder
Sensors - ORP
Sensors - pH
Sensors - Photoelectric
Sensors - Photoelectric Diffuse
Sensors - Photoelectric Retro Reflective
Sensors - Photoelectric Through Beam
Sensors - Photoelectric, Low Temperature
Sensors - Pressure
Sensors - Proximity
Sensors - Proximity Capacitive
Sensors - Proximity Inductive
Sensors - PT100
Sensors - Radar
Sensors - Relative Humidity
Sensors - Surface
Sensors - Temperature
Sensors - Tilt
Sensors - Torque
Sensors - Turbidity
Sensors - Ultrasonic
Sensors - Vibration
Sensors - Vision
Sensors - Wire Pull Displacement

Turck Banner Ltd
TURCK is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial automation. Whether the requirement is for sensors, interface or fieldbus technology, knowledgeable application support and reliable service are the TURCK hallmark. TURCK stands for innovation and success, worldwide.

BANNER is one of the most capable and successful manufacturers of photoelectric sensors in the world. Furthermore Banner is recognised as the leading specialist for fibre optics, ultrasonic sensors, machine safety solutions, vision and measurement and inspection technology, all over the world.

Together we offer the widest range of products in the market and thus maintain the position of global leader.

No matter what kind of object has to be detected or inspected, TURCK BANNER not only have the right product for any application but also provide unique and comprehensive solutions: quickly, flexibly and reliably, because both companies have never ceased to concentrate on their core competences.
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