Thursday 9/7/2020

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Drives & Controls Online Database - Flowmeters

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Flowmeters - All Types
Flowmeters - Coriolis
Flowmeters - Differential Pressure
Flowmeters - Electromagnetic
Flowmeters - Gas
Flowmeters - Gear
Flowmeters - High Temperature
Flowmeters - Liquids
Flowmeters - Mass
Flowmeters - Multi-Phase
Flowmeters - Orifice
Flowmeters - Pitot Tube
Flowmeters - Positive Displacement
Flowmeters - Thermal
Flowmeters - Turbine
Flowmeters - Ultrasonic
Flowmeters - Variable Area
Flowmeters - Venturi
Flowmeters - Vortex

Litre Meter Ltd
Litre Meter specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of flow meters for measurement of low flow, high pressure, aggressive fluids and gases in hazardous areas. Main areas of sales include chemical injection and fiscal metering for oil and gas industry, measurement of fuel flow and component leakage rates for Aviation and Automotive test rigs and ratio control of Polyols and Isocyanates for plastics manufacture.

The company represents Hoffer turbine meters, Sierra thermal mass flow meters, Kral helical screw flow meters and Euromag electromagnetic flow meters.
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