Wednesday 5/8/2020

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35 Earl Street
ME14 1PF
Tel: 01622 677081
Fax: 01622 685737
Supplier Contact: Keith Avila

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You pride yourself on the safety of your plant and you are relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement. That’s why Fike is your natural partner when it comes to explosion and over-pressure prevention systems. At Fike we understand the challenges you face every day in your plant and the complex legislative environment in which you operate.

We can take some of this burden off your shoulders with our unmatched combination of expertise and protection systems. So, whether you’re just about to design or redesign your plant, carry out risk assessments for ATEX compliance or update your protection systems then contact Fike.

Our range of explosion prevention and protection equipment and services allows you to create a cost effective explosion protection system, tailored to your precise situation. Whether it be passive external venting into a safe area, flameless internal venting with 100% particulate capture or a full EPACO controlled 24/7 active system with venting, isolation and suppression components to mitigate explosions within a split second.

We don’t just sell systems; all our systems are regularly serviced by Fike personnel to ensure that your plant and processes are fully covered, to ensure that any explosion is quenched before it can cause damage.

Overpressure situations can also be surprisingly destructive, leading to personal injury, damaged equipment, business interruptions and downtime. These can be caused by a range of conditions including blocked discharges, thermal expansions, runaway chemical reactions or loss of purge gas or coolant to name a few.

Fike’s bursting/rupture discs offer an affordable solution to these problems. They are compliant to global regulations and are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for performance, reliability and quality. From protecting your complete process to protecting a single pressure relief valve Fike products are a critical part of your strategy.
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