Tuesday 27/6/2017

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Process and Control Today Ltd (PandCT)
P.O.Box 223
Tunbridge Wells
Tel: 01892 619616
Fax: 01892 619616
Supplier Contact: Greg Horsley

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The electronic journal Process and Control Today (www.PandCT.com) has been in existence since the start of the Internet boom and is regarded as the most comprehensive information source for the Process, Control, Automation and Manufacturing industries… around the world.

www.PandCT.com reports news as it breaks and was launched to give engineers within our field exactly what they were looking for quickly and easily with the main aim of cutting their down-time. Its editorial content consists of case studies across all manufacturing and processing industries, and is supported by news, industry developments and new products. Our aim is to serve those people involved in the purchase of plant and related equipment, and help them overcome their application problems.

For a comprehensive and fully searchable database of suppliers, products and editorial visit www.PandCT.com

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Contact: Process and Control Today Ltd on +44 (0)1892 619616 or email greg@pandct.com
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