Monday 13/7/2020

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Huco Dynatork
Huco Engineering Industries Ltd
Merchant Drive
SG13 7BL
Tel: 01992 501900
Fax: 01992 509890
Supplier Contact: David Lockett

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Huco Dynatork offers a unique combination of engineered products with proven performance in their respective niches.

First: the most comprehensive range of coupling types available from a single manufacturer. Because our couplings employ a variety of different mechanisms for accomodating shaft misalignment Huco Dynatork is able to offer the best solution for each application. We don't try to make one size fit all!

Second: Air motors are usually high speed, noisy and inneficient devices. All three of these criticisms are answered by Huco Dynatork piston air motors which are remarkably quiet, highly efficient and run at low speeds.

Huco Dynatork enjoys worldwide sales and has distributors throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia and Australasia.

          Products and Services
  • Air Motors - Piston
  • Ancilliary Controls
  • Couplings
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