Monday 21/10/2019

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Atlas Copco Ltd
Swallowdale Lane
Hemel Hempstead
Tel: 0800 181085
Fax: 01442 234791
Supplier Contact: Joanna Canton Long

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Atlas Copco has been a global provider of specialised equipment and services for 130 years, gaining universal recognition as the world's largest compressor manufacturer and leading innovator in the field of air and gas compression.

No one is better placed than Atlas Copco to deliver total compressed air solutions.

From the smallest standard packaged reciprocating compressors through an impressive range of stationary and portable air equipment to the largest centrifugal process machines, nobody is more innovative than Atlas Copco.

Prime examples of what Atlas Copco develops and delivers includes low-pressure output from the ZE/ZA compressor range; Variable Speed Drive machines for outstanding energy savings; full feature WorkPlace packages to save on space and installation costs; energy recovery systems and state of the art monitoring and control for precise plant management.

Atlas Copco's service operation is unrivalled in the compressed air industry for its efficiency, skill and capability. A reputation built upon a rapid, reliable 24-hour operation that covers everything from routine maintenance to spare parts and emergency repairs. Its sole aim is to keep customers' air supplied at optimum efficiency at all times.

There are eight strategically placed modern and fully equipped service centres across the country offering a choice of fixed price preventative maintenance contracts.
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          Products and Services
  • Air Compressors - (Rotary) Non Lubricated 10-10,000 cfm
  • Compressors - Air
  • Compressors - Centrifugal
  • Compressors - Gas
  • Compressors - Industrial
  • Compressors - Piston
  • Compressors - Rotary
  • Compressors - Screw
  • Drains
  • Drying Equipment
  • Filters - Air
  • Filters, Separators, Purifiers - Air Line, General Purposes
  • Particle Drying Equipment
  • Receivers
  • Separators
Latest PR From Atlas Copco Ltd
27/08/2019   On-site nitrogen generation helps Advance Engineering cut costs by eliminating the use of a bottled gas supply
31/07/2019   Biomethane providing clean gas to the grid with help from an Atlas Copco oxygen generator
03/06/2019   Quiet, reliable and robust − Atlas Copco launches new low-investment, belt-driven 15 to 22 kW compressor range
15/05/2019   New filters and carbon towers from Atlas Copco set high standard in risk prevention
29/04/2019   Atlas Copco introduces the latest ZL2 range of cost-effective low-pressure lobe blowers

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