Tuesday 17/10/2017

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 Daily News 
17/10/2017 RS Components to share insights on the future of engineering at EDS 2017
17/10/2017 Atlas Copco powers BLOODHOUND SSC project towards finishing line
17/10/2017 No dark side to using LED lights to supplement WiFi, research reveals
17/10/2017 SKF enters the world of manufacturing using world-class digital technology
17/10/2017 New contracts manager for steel fabrications experts
17/10/2017 Registration open for free Day 2 of STEMMER IMAGING’s UK Vision Technology Forum
16/10/2017 CLPA passes significant milestone as membership passes 3,000
16/10/2017 Renishaw apprentice shortlisted in Apprenticeship Awards Cymru
16/10/2017 Gardner Denver showcases energy efficiency at EMEX 2017

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 Case Studies  
Air Liquide selects AMETEK Land thermal imaging technology for furnace temperature measurement
AMETEK Land, the leading industrial, infrared non-contact temperature measurement specialist, has supplied its Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) 3XR, an enhanced thermal imager, to the world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health, Air Liquide, which is now gaining know-how by continuously measuring temperature of tube walls within its steam methane reformers.
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To check the integrity of its cardboard packaging, Recochem - a manufacturer of household chemical products and automotive fluids - used to extract boxes from the production line for destructive testing to establish if the hot melt adhesive had been applied in sufficient quantity and accurately. It was a time-consuming and expensive task but, thanks the FLIR thermal imaging, quality control is now fully automated and only sub-standard boxes are scrapped.
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Solving Great Britain’s growing spinning reserve challenge
The transmission system in Great Britain (GB) is facing a growing stability challenge due to the loss of spinning reserve as it embraces renewable energy. Ofgem’s Electricity Network Innovation Competition (NIC) is leading the quest for possible solutions and has funded SP Transmission’s Phoenix project to deploy the world’s first Hybrid Synchronous Compensator.
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The BESS way forward for active power chain management
Stuart Grattage, ABB General Manager T&D Infrastructure & Grid Integration
Solutions, outlines how ABB has developed Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
technology for active management of various issues across the power value chain.
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Fortress removes costly equipment risks with Remote Management Software
In fast paced, harsh or cramped food production and packing lines, where metal detectors are subject to rigorous washdowns and knocks from operatives, modern machine control panels are especially vulnerable to damage. While most are designed to withstand water ingress, Fortress Technology reports that these delicate screens can be a costly item to replace, with machine inoperability caused by a single panel failure significantly impacting line productivity.
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 Editor's Comment 

Editor writes:

HRS Heat Exchangers - Recovering high value products helps food factories maximise returns
When processing any kind of remotely viscous food product it is inevitable that a certain amount will adhere to surfaces, such as the inside of vessels and pipe work, or become left in equipment after processing. The potential value of this lost product can soon add up, especially when handling large quantities of viscous, valuable products such as honey, syrups and purées.
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